Bike Jersey Branding: Advertising in Motion

“Why should I?” The advice from a six year old. And very good advice if the reason behind the ask is sound.  “Why should I eat my vegetables?” “Because they are full of nutrients that you need to grow.” “Why should I wear a helmet?” “Because it just might save your life if you should crash.” “Why should I have a custom jersey?”

“Because…” There are many reasons to this because. The obvious is that it’s promoting your store or brewery or bike shop. Or it can be letting the world know that you’re part of a team or a club. That is the obvious part of all of this.  The hidden aspects can go much deeper to how this really works.

First you are target marketing. Think of your audience, it isn’t everyone who throws a leg over a bike, but a very specific sub-set of those riders. It might be the road racer market, and you want other racers to know that this is the place to shop for them. It might be the mountain bike crowd who are proud to rep the local brew. Or it might be that club rider that is proud of your shop or brewery and wants the other participants on that group ride to know it.

Designing the right jersey goes a long way to the crowd you want to market to. If your shop or brew is a little more hard edged and that is the crowd that you want – go edgy. If you want to be a little more corporate looking, appealing to a more generic riding crowd go with a classic design. Want to show that you like to have fun? Use humor. The bottom line here is: “know your audience.”

The right design can go a long way, and the right design done by a professional can go even further. If you don’t have the know-how to make an appealing jersey, leave it to the professionals.  You don’t have to hire a professional as there are ways to get a great design done with little or no cost. Solicit your customers, put word out that you are having a design contest and the winner will get a jersey with her/his design on it.  Or let the manufacturer of your jersey do the design. All companies should offer this service when you place your order.

Your “brand” is much more than a logo on a jersey. It is the person wearing that jersey that will represent you. If they want to buy your jersey there must be a reason why they are willing to advertise for you, find out what that is and use it. Use it on social media, get a testimonial from her or him, use their comments in advertising.

Make sure your marketing material is powerful and professional. From that business card all the way up to the bike jersey. It all should look good.

Written by Tad Hylkema, Business Development and Events, Borah Teamwear

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